Wednesday, April 13, 2016

REstresser review []

In this post I'm going to review REstresser Booter. It's a pretty new ip stresser that started providing stress testing services in April. The service owner allowed us to test the tool and provide an honest review here on booters reviews. Before going into details about scripts and power, I would like to mention that this booter is providing free trial accounts that provide decent power. You are all welcome to test it as well. 

Advertised power: 30Gbps per boot (with premium plan).
Power tested per boot: 35Gbps (5Gbps more than advertised). Graph proof can be found here.

Source: Custom coded.

Methods rating:
*DNS - Most powerful method. Provided 35Gbps for a single attack.
*NTP - Provided same power as DNS
*Chargen - A little bit less than the above methods.
*FRAG - That's an enhanced version of the ssyn (spoofed syn) script. It performs very nicely on the TCP protocol.
*TFTP - That's a private method that this booter developed (I believe). It seems to perform very good and also since it's not public, it doesn't get filtered too easily.
*XMLRPC- Performs very very good with about 5K R/s per attack. Very impressive.
*CF Bypass - First booter that I see this method on. It seems to bypass cloudflare websites with an ease. Provides about 2-3K R/s after it bypasses cloudflare's firewall.

Special notes:
-Free trial
-Free tools

I believe that this is one of the best booters on the market. The power is very good and the prices are low. It's an innovative ip stresser because it provides new methods that are not seen in other booters. Also it provides high power plans (VIP plans) that provide up to 80Gbps per attack which is very impressive. I would highly suggest using this booter.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Booter Review []

Today I decided to do something different and actually review a free booter. It doesn't advertise for a lot of power (1Gbps per stress test with DNS method) but I still would love to review it. The booter is called Free Booter.

Power advertised per stress test: 1Gbps
Dstat results: Maxes out a 1Gbps port (so at least 1Gbps) .

The boot time is up to 120 seconds (2 minutes) but the power is exactly as advertised if not more so that's pretty good.

The only downsides that I found here are that they offer DNS as a single usable method and the boot time is up to 120 seconds but it's definitely better than some paid booters. It's the best free booter that I checked that's for sure.

This booter is better than some paid booters. The power is exactly as advertised and 1Gbps is enough for most small servers or home connections. I would recommend to at least try it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

IP Stresser Review []

I decided to get back to reviewing booters, in this post I will review IP Stresser.

I bought the largest package which is 300Mbps (3Gbps).
Power tested per stress test using the best method (DNS): 264Mbps (0.264Gbps). DSTAT

IP Stresser is currently one of the best advertised booters, until now I have never heard reviews on it. It seems to be active from 2013 which is a lot of time for a booter to be running, and in addition to that the source seems to be fully custom made. While it seems like a professional booter, it doesn't seem to output more than the average booter.

Scripts ratings:
While DNS is the strongest one they have, it didn't seem to output more than half a gig. So I would rate their scripts very low on power.

Special notes:

While IP Stresser is very cheap, I would not recommend buying it as the power is simply bad. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Power Stresser Review []

Once again, seems like I forgot to post some reviews here (maybe because booter prices are not as cheap anymore). But today I will be reviewing Power Stresser. HF thread link can be found here.

Advertised power: 350+ Gbps total network
Power tested per attack: 1.5Gbps, graph can be found here.  Attack was measured while there were 8 attacks in the background (proof).

Owner: Understalker
Scam reports: None
Previous booters: Lifetimeboot (which appeared to be a scam later), 
Source: Custom

Scripts ratings:
To be honest I only tried SSDP which hit 1.5Gbps. Other scripts seemed to be even lower than that so I decided not to bother and post dstats here. I also tried Joomla to test the layer 7 flood and unfortunately I couldn't capture even one single packet.

Special notes:

Honestly I am disappointed. The reason I did this review is because I was excited to check power stresser due to its good history, but seems like the power just went extremely low and the false advertising is ridiculous. You can't advertise for 350Gbps network and hit 1.5Gbps per attack. Anyhow, I hope that it will be changed. I have a lifetime account so I will make sure to update this review if something changes. Till then, I would suggest to check out different booters.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Omega Stresser Review []

In this post I will be reviewing Omega Stresser. Its thread can be found in this link.
Advertised power: 84Gbps Total Network
Power tested per attack: 1.5Gbps, Graph can be found here. Video can be found here.

Owner: vurezo
Scam reports: none
Previous booters: none
Source: Custom

Scripts ratings:
SSDP: 1/10 - 1.8Gbps
UDP: 1/10 - 1.7Gbps
ESSYN / XSYN / ESSYN: 1/10 - 500Kpps

Special notes:
No layer 7 attacks
No concurrent attacks
No stop attacks

Overall? Not a good booter. Attack hits at most 1.8Gbps which would probably be only enough for taking down a home connection. Prices aren't too good and it lacks basic features such as layer 7 attacks or even stopping your attacks. Would not suggest to purchase.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LifeTimeBoot - SCAM

What are the odds, second booter I review in a long time, and it's just another SCAM.
In this case, I purchased the trial package ($2.5 in Bitcoin), opened a support ticket, and although they keep posting in their Hackforums thread that they do support, no one is answering my ticket.

I've waited about 18 hours. I think it's about time to just call it in its name - SCAM.

Website: Lifetimeboot
Thread link: Here
Understalker seems to have another booter named PhantomBoot. Which I probably won't review cause it will most likely be another scam.
Source: Custom

Bottom line:
Do not buy Lifetimeboot, this is just a big scam.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - SCAM

Today I decided to continue my contribute and make more reviews, the first site that I wanted to review was, which although is not advertised in Hackforums, it does seem to have some popularity.

Cutting right to the point, after paying with Bitcoin, my account was immediately deleted!
I have never experienced anything like that. As soon as I made the payment, my account was deleted.

Be aware! is a SCAM!


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